The Dominican Republic has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The country has beaches along the majority of its coast line and has literally hundreds of miles of beautiful beachfront real estate. The island has several different types of beaches. Most of the tourist areas are located in areas where the beaches have pure white sand. There are also beaches with stones and pebbles. In the South Western part of the Island there are beaches with black sand.

This page has pictures from several of my beach trips.
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Just outside of Barahona are some really beautiful beaches. This is the first place to stop after you leave Barahona.

We stopped at this beach one evening and enjoyed an hour or so of just watching the sea. The small pebbles are not big enough to bother you but wearing shoes is probably a good idea.
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Los Patos has a small river that runs into the sea. There are fresh water pools to swim in and the locals will cook you fish while you are relaxing.

The beach has small stones.
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Palenque is located about forty minutes east of Santo Domingo. This beach is very quiet and does not have much development. In this picture a small fresh water stream runs into the ocean.

This beach is a beautiful stone filled beach. If you are going to enter the water I would recommend you use shoes because there are a ton of stones.
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Los Quimaitos is located about ten miles south of Barahona, which is about a two hour drive west of Santo Domingo. This beach has a reef about 200 meters out so there is a great place to swim.

The bay has many local fishing boats, but the locals seem to stay away from any visitors.

The beach is made up of small stones or pebbles. The pebbles are not big enough to cause pain on your feed, so walking barefoot is probably alright.

I did notice a lot of broken glass on this beach so beware if you are going to go barefoot.

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Paraiso is a small city about twenty miles south of Barahona. This small town has beautiful beach front properties. The city is very poor, but the beaches are gorgeous.

There were areas of the beach with lots of trash because the locals seem to dump their trash on the beach before they burn it.
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Nizao is located about forty minutes west of Santo Domingo. It is a nice beach with almost black sand. The sand is very soft.
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