I love reading comments from readers of my book. It is so interesting to see how we all become connected to the Dominican Republic. I have lived in Santo Domingo for the past 4 years and absolutely love life. Thanks for all of your comments!

Hi Ross,

I finished reading your book, I found it to be full of humorous insight into life in the DR. I really enjoyed reading about your personal experiences and the lessons you have learned over the years.

In 10 days my wife and I are packing up our two young children and heading for a 3 month stay. We've rented a condo in the bavaro/el cortecito area, while I'm expecting this to be a pretty big tourist trap I'm hoping that it will let us get our feet wet and give us a chance to check out more of the country. I think reading your book and the various sources of information online will definitely help our visit be a more positive experience.

Do you know how I could go about finding a reputable guide/driver on the east coast? I'm kind of interested in being able to get out and see more of the country without having to worry about renting a car and driving myself just yet. Also having basically no spanish skills it seems like it would make sense to have someone with at least some basic english.

I have bookmarked your website and will be checking back regularly :)



I am glad you enjoyed the book.  It has been a fun project but it has caused me to become a little crazy taking pictures and trying to figure out things people would like to read about the DR...  My wife and I are leaving tomorrow morning on a trip to the South West coast for a few days.  We went there once a couple years ago and have decided it is time to go explore some more.  I hope to have a ton of new photos, etc for the site.  

My opinion about the driver is two fold.  First, when you get to the condo you will surely meet some locals who will know of a driver or taxi who you can rent for a few hours or a day  I unfortunately do not know anyone in that area who could be of use as a driver.  Second, I have been to that area of the country several times and find that driving there is much easier than here in Santo Domingo.  I am sure you will do fine driving.  I made a lot of fun about the honking rules and the weird rules with the AMET in the book, but in reality that area its vast number of tourists allows you extra freedom, in my opinion.  Just drive defensively. 

We are going to run in the Punta Cana 10K the middle of March. If you'll be in the area then let me know and maybe we can exchange some stories. 

You are going to enjoy your visit. 

All my best!

I hope you will enjoy me on my adventure living in the Dominican Republic. Buy a book today!