I love reading comments from readers of my book. It is so interesting to see how we all become connected to the Dominican Republic. I have lived in Santo Domingo for the past 4 years and absolutely love life. Thanks for all of your comments!


Afternoon, after countless hours of Christmas shopping for everyone, I decided to purchase a present for myself, your book. We are long time visitors to the DR and plan on relocating in 7 years for six months out of each year. Looking forward to reading your book! Enjoy the sunshine...


Ross, your welcome! I am sure I will enjoy reading it. One question, perhaps two, what was your deciding factor in relocating and what area are you residing in? Ok, a third, since we will totally not be of retirement age when we do this, how do expats handle the employment situation? We will have a "fund", but neither my husband nor I are used to sitting still on a daily basis. Thanks again...

Sorry for the slow response.  I have been entertaining family this week and have gotten really behind with all of my emails.

My deciding factor in moving was my wife being Dominican and wanting to live close to her family (it is all explained in detail in the book...)

I live in the Capital, Santo Domingo.  The sector we live in is called Evaristo Morales.  I do not know how well you know the capital but if you know where Acropolis is on Churchill we live fairly close by. 

Employment is a common question and in some cases a concern for people.  I think it is important to go to the DR with enough money to survive, particularly if your Spanish is like mine (not so good).  You will always be able to find things to keep you busy, but I personally think it is better to be busy doing things you enjoy, rather than working because you have to in order to survive.  You will understand my weird income perspective after you have read the book and I am happy to explain in more detail later on if you feel it would help you. 

I hope you enjoy the book.  (I hope it arrived already...)

Merry Christmas!
Ross Weber

Ross, received the book yesterday and have been happily reading ever since! You are an entertaining writer and your observations and my familiarity with most of them brings a smile...Thanks! Gretchen

I hope you will enjoy me on my adventure living in the Dominican Republic. Buy a book today!